Architectural Design Consultants was established in 1988 by Annabel Delgado, Patrice Marbin-Barrocas and J. Mark Harrington. Having all met in Architecture School, this group has strictly adhered to common philosophical principles while combining their individual pursuits: academic, interiors, set design and yoga. South Florida, as a young community in search of an identity, has enabled the partners to embark on a unique quest that is particular to every project.

Each building has a responsibility to its environment, natural and urban, as well as its occupants. This results in a particular design solution, unique to each project. This concept permeates to its interior, providing a "setting", for the different uses within. The partners hold a common belief that their approach to each architectural project should be a comprehensive design solution. Most of their work exhibits this commitment; encompassing the building envelope, the interior space, the finishes, furnishings, and lighting; all of which are generally custom designed by the partners. Its composition of forms, use of varied materials, and the manipulations of color throughout identify the work of Architectural Design Consultants.

The interiors are approached as urban problems. Furniture becomes the "buildings" that help establish a hierarchy among the different spaces. Some furnishings are built- in, becoming extensions of the walls. Some are free-standing sculptural shapes that generate specific dynamics within a room. Playful colors, rich textures, and unique materials provide another means of expression for each "set", and illustrate its participating "characters". Lighting enhances the drama and depth of the spaces, as if one were to experience them through the lens of a camera.

Architectural Design Consultants has chosen to remain a small boutique firm which builds a team unique to each job, in order to maintain a close contact and control of every aspect of the project, from larger issues, at the Schematic stage, to attention to smaller details and budget concerns.




Annabel Delgado
University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
Masters of Architecture 1984-1986
Columbia University, New York, NY
Paris Program, France 1985
University Of Miami, Coral Gables, FL
Bachelor of Architecture 1980-1983
Institutto Universitario di Archittetura di Venezia, Italy 1982
Academia Hispano-Americana de Bellas Artes
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, 1981
Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas, Venezuela
School of Architecture 1977-1980

Patrice Marbin-Barrocas
University of Houston, Houston, TX 1979-1983
Masters of Architecture
Institutto Universitario di Archittetura di Roma, Italy 1982
Italy Program, Florence and Roma Italy
University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL 1980-1981
Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
Bachelor of Science in Interior Design 1974-1978

J. Mark Harrington
University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL
Bachelor of Architecture 1982-1983
Academia Hispano-Americana de Bellas Artes
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, 1980
Clemson University, Clemson, SC
Bachelor of Science in Design 1978-1980
Miami Dade Community College, Miami, FL
Associate in Arts and Architecture 1977-1977


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For a complete project list and references please email us at: studio@architecturaldesignconsultants.net

Photographer credits: Ivars Briedis, Steven Brooke, J.B. Freedman, Desiree Kane, Michael Stavaridis


Caracas, July 22, 2015

I take great pleasure in recommending Annabel Delgado and Patrice Marbin-Barrocas of Architectural Design Consultants. I have engaged Annabel and Patty to decorate my second home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. It was important for me to have a complete turnkey team since I do not live in Florida full time and needed someone to handle the entire process. They did an amazing job designing and coordinating all the activities that turn my space modern and warm.

During the time working for my project, Annabel and Patty demonstrated professionalism and dedication, they brought an abundance of creativity and new ideas to my home. They took the time to understand my needs, pulled my ideas together into a cohesive plan and gave my home a new beautiful look. They even used some of my existing pieces and incorporated them into the design, they were very practical about it.

Annabel and Patty make a wonderful team, they have a friendly, sociable attitude that makes the whole experience enjoyable and gratifying. I highly recommend this team for any design and decorating project.

– Giovina D' Giacomo


Architectural Design Consultants provided us with a complete interior home renovation. Architectural plans and interior built-in details were drawn. 

The partners accompanied us to all vendors for complete selections of finishing products. They were always available for any questions during the construction process. Two years later, we hired Architectural Design Consultants to renovate our pool deck and pool, covered patio and outdoor kitchen. 

We are overjoyed with the quality of service and the beautification of our home.

– Cott


I have worked with ADC consistently on a variety of projects ranging from commercial/retail buildings to many interior design projects including my main offices. Our first collaboration was over 20 years ago and we have worked on numerous projects to date. In fact, the truest testament to how much I value their services is that fact that they have worked with me to remodel my home not once but twice. Their designs are unique, fresh, thoughtful, and stand the test of time. I always get compliments for their work some of which dates back over twenty years. They are easy to work with, professional, thoughtful, and truly care about all aspects of the design and construction process. They always achieve their own design goals while being mindful of budget constraints. They are contemporary design architects that utilize natural materials in unusual and creative ways. Their designs always provide warmth combined their ability to create interesting spaces.. I would not hesitate to use and recommend ADC as I truly enjoy working with them at all levels of the design and construction process.

– Scott Robins


Patti & Annabel did a wonderful job doing the interior design of our condo in Sunny Isles Beach. They created an environment that was at once modern, warm and comfortable. Truly unique. Their success is further evidenced by the fact that our condo was featured on the cover of Miami Home & Decor magazine! Patti & Annabel, Thank You! We love what you have done for us.

– Casey


If you are looking for a design company that listens to your needs, has extraordinary talent with choosing appropriate size and color and is timely,this is the firm for you. This creative team puts their heads together and makes you feel confident as a consumer, that all will be completed with a wow factor outcome. They are fun and at the same time, professional. A rare combination in the design world.

– Alinea14


Nov. 2009

Hi Annabel and Patty,

I just want to tell you that I stopped by Scott and Deb's house yesterday and I was so impressed with everything...As you know I have been away for 5 months and yesterday I really was able to see the house, all the different rooms, the outside, everything.....I LOVED IT!!!!  I came home and told Jerry that Deb and Scott's house is REALLY BEAUTIFUL.....every area without a doubt is special and so are you girls...

It is easy to tell people about what is wrong with their work but so much fun to tell them what is right...This house could be published.....Kudos to all of you, including my children who have their heart and soul in this endeavor.....

Hope your summer went well and your new year coming will be the same...

Kisses, Joan


Sept. 2008

Dear Patty and Annabel,

Thank you for putting us thru total aggravation and hell for 9 months.

We thoroughly enjoyed packing up the entire house, sleeping in a broom closet, choking on asbestos dust from chipping the floor tile and exposing our family to mold and mildew (not to mention legionnaires disease from the demolition). Oh… and did we mention, we would be substantially wealthier and SANE had we not been coerced into this disconcerting process.

From the bottom of our wallets and with much appreciation from our marriage counselor, we thank you so much for everything!!

Love,Corinne and Larry

P.S. Next time please keep you creative ideas and skills and architectural bills to yourselves. Please loose our phone number immediately.

P.P.S. Only kidding, we love you and our beautiful home.